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Keating & Bennett, LLP has been serving the needs of our clients since 2000, and Mr. Keating has been working closely with Japanese and other multinational companies since 1993.  Each of our firm’s members has extensive experience as former U.S. Patent Examiners and working closely with companies on U.S. patent prosecution and counseling matters.  Our attorneys’ extensive experience with and “insider’s knowledge” of U.S. Patent Office procedures and personnel resulting from their years as U.S. Patent Examiners also provides significant benefits to our clients.


Keating & Bennett, LLP is focused on providing the highest quality service for very reasonable and competitive rates.  Our firm uses a unique internal quality control system whereby every new patent application, response to Office Action and other submission filed in the USPTO is thoroughly checked by three of our attorneys and two of our paralegals, without any additional cost or expense to our client. 

Keating & Bennett, LLP strives to provide our clients with excellent service for very reasonable fees.  Our fees are lower than most other firms with equal or lesser experience, which is made possible by our unique cost-effective approach to U.S. patent prosecution that enabled us to achieve the highest ranking among similar size firms on the annual list of the top U.S. patent law firms based on the number of patents granted. Our firm does not automatically increase our billing rates and fees each year as other U.S. law firms do.  We also offer flexible pricing plans, volume discounts and fee limits to enable our clients to achieve their U.S. patent objectives while containing costs and meeting budgets. 


Keating & Bennett, LLP provides the highest quality services to Japanese companies while making every effort to minimize the cost, in an effort to build long-lasting and extensive relationships with our clients.  To build such deep and strong client relationships, our firm’s members visit Japan several times each year, for weeks or months at a time, to conduct face-to-face meetings with IP personnel, inventors and business people to learn everything possible about our client’s technology, products and patents, so as to enable us to provide even more effective service.  We also offer unique and extensive training programs for our Japanese clients discussed in more detail in the Client Training Programs section.



Our firm provides maximum flexibility in providing our services and constantly adapting our practices to the specific desires and requests of our clients.  Simply put, we adapt to each client’s needs and preferences.  By doing so, Keating & Bennett, LLP provides highly focused and specialized services to our clients, ensuring efficient and responsive cooperation with our clients.  In addition, we provide our clients with customized proactive counseling regarding such matters as licensing possibilities for clients’ patents, business and patent activities of competitors of our clients, recently issued patents that might be of interest to our clients, and various developments in case law and USPTO practice and procedural rules that might affect our clients’ patent activities.  We also provide a unique litigation coordination and support function acting as U.S. inside counsel for patent litigation, licensing and negotiation matters for our clients.

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