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Keating & Bennett, LLP offers many unique and customized in-house training programs to our clients including:



Short Term Training Program lasting two to four weeks and focusing on conducting Examiner interviews and responding to Office Actions.


Middle Term Training Program lasting one to three months, focusing on STTP activities and specialized patent prosecution training including explanation of relevant MPEP sections and U.S. case law decisions, unique techniques and strategies for maximizing cost-efficiency of U.S. patent prosecution, and training on post-grant procedures such as Inter Partes Review, Post Grant Review, Supplemental Examination, Ex Parte Reexamination, Reissue, as well as assistance for and preparation for the U.S. Patent Agent Examination.


Long Term Training Program Long Term Training Program lasting from one to three years and focusing on STTP and MTTP activities as well as providing a Master’s Course in U.S. Patent Prosecution, Litigation and Licensing.


Patent Paralegal Training Program lasts from two to four weeks and provides our Japanese clients’ IP staff and paralegals extensive training on the USPTO processes, procedures, document flow, docketing, electronic filing system and Private and Public PAIR systems.


 In House Training

We visit our clients in Japan several times each year, for weeks or months at a time, to provide lectures, workshops and seminars to discuss pending patent applications, changes in USPTO procedures and U.S. case law, and specific business or patent objectives of our clients.

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